GREEN Service (£150)

The green service is aimed at the more serious rider, this is somebody that uses their bike at least once a week. For example commuters and devoted cyclists, as these types of riders tend to ride all year round their bikes take a lot of punishment from dirt, grit, salt and all weathers. If you're one of these riders the green service is perfect for you and your bike. With this service you get everything carried out in the orange service including the health check plus the removal and reassembly of the headset and bottom bracket. Any concerns found will be listed in the health check reports and no additional work will be carried out without your permission. It's recommended this service be carried out every six months.

  • (Red/Orange/Green features)
  • . High mileage riders
  • • Removal of forks and inspect headset bearing
  • • Re-grease and rebuild headset
  • • Remove bottom bracket
  • • Inspect
  • . Re-grease and rebuild bottom bracket
  • • Adjust/set up brakes
  • • Index gears
  • • Check and re-inflate front and rear tyre pressures
  • • Re-align and setup front & rear brakes
  • . Including blocks and levers
  • • Adjust front and rear derailleur high and low stops
  • • Index gears for smoother shifting
  • • Degrease and clean chain
  • • Remove and true the front & rear wheels
  • • Remove and clean cassette (gears)
  • • Lubricate front and rear derailleurs