The electric bike is becoming more and more democratised, and this is great news! By the way, did you know that our supplier NEOMOUV specializes in electric bicycles?

Pedalling on an electric bike is not, contrary to some popular belief, a sign of laziness! We can indeed adapt the electrical assistance to the effort we want to make.

1.Having an electric bike allows you to travel longer distances than with a manual bike

Do you want to go cycling at work because it is more practical, more economical, and more environmentally friendly than using an individual car? Bravo, it's an excellent choice!

The electric bike gives you the opportunity to go to the office even if you have many kilometers to travel, which you could not do on a daily basis with a manual bike. In addition, you can choose high electrical assistance so as not to arrive too "perspirant" and disheveled in the premises, and press the pedals more when you return home!


2.Having an electric bike allows you to carry more weight

Carrying a child, races, or any other type of equipment is possible without too much effort with an electric bike!


3.Having an electric bike allows you to continue sport until old age or in case of illness

You love cycling but you are getting older or you have fragile health. The electric bike offers you the opportunity to continue moving and exercising while adapting the electric assistance to your physical fitness!


4.Having an electric bike avoids traffic jams

Goodbye to frustrating and annoying traffic jams, except perhaps on bike paths, but it remains rare!


Having an electric bike makes it easy to park

Tired of driving to find a place and pay an exorbitant parking cost? Cycling may be the solution you need! 


Having an electric bike saves money

Certainly, buying a e-bike is an investment. However, in the medium term, this saves money if compared with the use of a car: purchase, insurance, maintenance, fuel.....

Having an electric bike reduces its ecological impact

Critics of the electric bike will say that batteries consume electricity and do not last forever. However, their lifespan is long, and their energy consumption is reduced. The ecological impact of the electric bike is not zero, but it is much lower than that of an individual motor vehicle or an electric scooter! Don't forget that you pedal too, it's not the battery that does everything!



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