FOX and RaceFace have introduced a new mountain bike tailgate pad that is designed to offer a more customized and versatile fit for both your truck and bike. Though they carry a different name, the design and features are the same across both tailgate pads.

Tonneau Compatibility: 

  • Fox and RaceFace have patented a unique foldaway downtube padding system that can conveniently swing out of the way when your bikes are unloaded, allowing you to securely close and lock your roll-up, soft shell, or folding tonneau cover. Fox and RaceFace say that they have compatibility-tested the pad with all typical roll-up and folding covers.

Customizable Fit: 

  • The Mission and T3 pads feature a two-panel pad design that can be adjusted to fit virtually any tailgate height or width on both mid-size and full-size trucks. The downtube attachment points can also be moved and adjusted to ideally space bikes and avoid bike-on-bike contact. Both pads feature oversized straps to accommodate modern e-bikes with bulky and beefy downtubes.

Firm Fork Placement: 

  • On the outside-facing panel, a rigid compression molded foam pad is designed to securely protect the forks and keep the bike vertical on rough and rowdy shuttle roads. Numerous channels on each side allow for multiple bikes to remain secure and protected.
  • Utility: 

    • The Mission and T3 tailgate pads are available in Mid-Size and Full-Size options that fit five and six bikes, respectively. As their name implies, they are designed for either mid-size or full-size trucks. Fox and RaceFace are also offering a half-tailgate option that can fit two bikes if you often ride solo or with a partner, featuring all of the same options as its bigger siblings.

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